Where can you meet the Dutch?

At InnoVEX, the dedicated showcase for startups of Computex, the Holland Lounge is hard to be missed as it is the biggest national delegation with 17 promising tech startups.

The Dutch will also host a vibrant programme at the Holland Lounge. Scroll down for more.


June 6

Matchmaking sessions organized by CDIB

China Development Financial will organize matchmaking sessions for the Dutch Startups, based on the matchmaking forms from 11.00-14.00

Meeting the media and free Startup Drinks

Join us for a drink and networking at the Holland Lounge from 16.45-18.00, after Dutch startups have pitched to the media at 16.00.


June 7

Take the stage!

From 10.00-14.00, each Dutch startup has the opportunity to present themselves at the Holland Lounge Stage in 15 minutes for an audience invited by themselves.

Buckle up, because from 15.00-16.45, this audience consists of investors and important parties from the Taiwanese Startup eco-system.

Happy Hour Drinks

Join us for free drinks and networking at the Holland Lounge from 16.45-18.00.


June 8

Closing Drinks

After giving it all during Computex and InnoVEX 2018, join us for free closing drinks and networking at the Holland Lounge from 17.00-18.00.