Meet the Dutchies

Curious about the Dutch delegation at CES 2019 on January 8 till 12? Scroll down to check out the passionate entrepreneurs, innovators and founders showcasing their tech solutions in Las Vegas.

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HealthTech & MedTech


Braincarta provides fully automatic FUNCTIONAL MRI analysis service in the Cloud to improve decision taking process of medical doctors.

Breath in Balanz

With Breath In Balanz we put "good breathing" on the map to improve the lives of millions of people and we are decreasing Healtcare costs!


Its proven by 250 Olympic athletes; Propeaq light glasses are state of the art in wearable light therapy to boost your performance!

Crescent Tech

Crescent Tech offers the world's First Wearable Dual-Camera Headband for Surgeons to Capture and Share their Unique View.


Facecode is a NextGen HealthTech & MedTech Solution using facial recognition and AI for the treatment of ageing and skin diseases.

Kepler Vision

Our health tech software recognizes body language. It saves on costs and improves the quality of life for both patients and staff.


The soft and cuddly Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep faster, longer and wake up more refreshed.

Lea Robot Care Systems

Our products are made to help where human efforts are not sufficient or fail. Not soulless machines, but with using help of personal medical devices, which were developed from the heart.


UVisio uses technology to make sun protection and skin care the most effective and personal, for each individual, for each skin condition


ECG-Excellence triples the diagnostic value of the electrocardiogram. We detect cardiac diseases before symptoms show!

Robotics & Drones


Laevo exoskeletons provides a back support that protects workers and consumers against back overload while bending.


SkelEx is a non-powered, light-weight and compact arm support (exoskeleton) that assists in laborious jobs involving repetitive use of arms.

Drones For Work

DroneBox is a flight control unit using fault-tolerant INDI to improve disturbance rejection and eliminate crashes.

Consumertech/Smart Home


Create immersive shopping experiences with Expivi 3D/AR platform. Increase buying confidence and Bring products to life.

Glance Clock

Glance clock is the world’s first smart wall clock that helps you to become more productive and focused on what really matters.

House of Haptics

House of Haptics is an innovative haptics company that builds real relationships between people through haptic technology, wherever they are.


Capture unexpected moments by recording video back in time and share your experiences instantly.


SlashLead is a new email marketing platform for small and medium sized companies who want to get more revenue from existing customers.


We are Th3rd, a 3D scanning company which created an automated 3D product scanner to digitize branded consumer good in high volume for E-commerce.


Volareo, the world's 1st Open Source & Decentralized Smart Speaker to explore the exploding world of Voice Commerce.


Qoobi is a Holland based audio tech start up founded by a community of designers, audiophiles and engineers united by their passion for music.


DDIV introduces world’s first fully Automated Big Data Video reporting tool.


Gametimer is a unique kids tech tool for parents and kids to address the issue of gaming & screen time addiction in an interactive and educational way.


With the Travis Touch, the pocket translator, you can understand everyone. At work, while travelling or wherever. The new Travis is easy to use and translates instantly.


Smart Workforce Communication powered by Augmented Reality; A SAAS Plug-and-Play solution for highly specialized jobs.

Absolute Audio Labs

World's first Open Smart Audio Operating System.

DEN Smart Home

Introducing DEN: the smartest lock of the future. Remotely lock and unlock your door with your smartphone. Safety with ease, everywhere.

EnterpriseSolutions/ IoT

Seal Network

Seal is an award-winning blockchain company which provides a global anti-counterfeiting solution and product services platform.


Indoor positioning hardware for smart homes using artificial intelligence to automatically react to someone's presence.


Olisto builds a platform that makes smart devices and digital services work together, using our app or yours.


Scalys is an innovative company realizing high-grade secure communication products and solutions for the connected world.


SwipeGuide is the first AI enhanced instruction software. Intelligent visual instructions for any mobile device.



OpenRTLS a value added, support and service center based on Decawave UWB and ST-micro MicroElectroMechanical Sensors (MEMS) technology.


DashTag. The Personal Soccer Tracker. Gives insights into players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Artificial Intelligence/Blockchain


Our product, BrainMatter, is a unique AI application platform that facilitates machine aided data preparation, deep learning model training and deployment.


Cryptohopper is a powerful crypto trading bot that trades for you!


Decentralised hybrid blockchain platform offering private smart contracts.


CAPTURE® is combatting Financial Crime at Scale. It's used in SOCs as the last line of defense when all else fails.


Biometric recognition is a key enabling technology on top of which we have built Privacy Management.

Circular Economy/Smart city


The open, distributed and secure communications protocol for the circular economy.


SoundEnergy introduces a breakthrough technology that brings a fundamental change in cooling technology without using electricity or gas.


For Your Energy Freedom, we have sought a solution for the energy transition issue. PlusLife housing is the answer!

Urban Mobility Systems

UMS develops and manufactures game-changing electric light-weight autonomous vehicles for smart transportation of good and people.



Combining theory, (simulated) practice, measurements & feedback with VR/AR/AI into targeted, personalized and profitable journeys.

Smart Mobility


Award winning solution for (business) travelers. Secure & Personal worldwide WiFi for best available pricing. Always online!


At Etergo, we are reinventing personal smart mobility, starting with the scooter. Our first product is AppScooter®, also known as 'the Dutch Tesla on two wheels’


Inspired by nature, engineered by men and evolved over time, the PAL-V Liberty is a groundbreaking product that inaugurates the age of the flying car. The PAL-V Liberty is a marriage between safety and fun, designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.



Tiledmedia is the global frontrunner in efficient delivery of extremely high-resolution VR content to consumer devices.

Studio X

NextGen of AR based enhancements to Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, for optimalisation of the design of new constructions and of existing structures to meet (changing) developer/user requirements.