HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje - Startup Envoy

"At the Holland Startup Pavilion we are showcasing strong examples of how Dutch tech solutions can complement strong industry leaders like in Germany."

Dutch Startup Showcase

These selected startups will present their innovative solutions in the fields of Additive Manufacturing / Special Materials, Enterprise Solutions/ IoT/ Industry 4.0, Robotics, Smart home / Smart City, AR / VR, Med Tech / Health Tech, Smart Logistics, CyberSecurity / Internet Security, Audio Solutions, Smart mobility, e-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Services


Come and see our ongoing projects such as improved laser sintering in additive manufacturing and development of a truly multicolor dental material system by printing

CeraCarbon, THE lightest and strongest wear-resistant material

Flexible ceramic materials for next generation electronics and filtration

We produce larger, lighter and optimized fiber reinforced composites through our new and unique 3D printing process

3D Printing Filaments


Batchforce is an online platform providing third party manufacturing capacities to industrial customers

Crownstone raises standard for building automation, making buildings sense and adapt to its users

Declaree is a Digital Expense-Management App

Evodos Dynamic Settlers

HyET purifies and compresses hydrogen in a single step to FCEV purity and pressure

iAM-Digital: Enabling the revolution in digital manufacturing through talent

Digitise Your Forms. Save time with digital work orders, inspections, reports, and more!

Xeelas offers a tracking and monitoring solution for machines and equipment related mobile construction

SenseAnywhere develops ultra-low power wireless sensors that store data (like temperature and humidity) in the Cloud

StandBy Solutions is a fast growing company with hands-on products for safety, business communication and facility management based on cutting edge technology for presence detection and indoor localization

SwipeGuide is the next-generation instruction software that makes user guides more effective

Reduce R&D cost and increase quality by doing sound & vibration engineering ‘first time right’

We.Stream is a Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot, that enables unlimited data in 100+ countries. Secure and affordable Personal WiFi. Anyplace, anytime.

Withthegrid provides IoT and predictive maintenance solutions including cathodic protection for steel pipelines and leak detection for district heating


The KITE window cleaning robot is a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution for glass, façade & roof cleaning

WiredWorkers: Robotics @ your service


Deltas Planet Earth reconnect developments in deltas to planet Earth

digitalAngel improves the quality of patients' lives and the wellbeing of healthcare professionals by connecting smart healthcare devices to a digital platform

Connect your devices, apps and services to Olisto and make them all work together


Serious VR develops Virtual training and performance data analytics for industrial environments

SENSIKS is offering Sensory Reality a disruptive new technology for immersive full sensory experiencing

Develop ultimate Virtual & Augmented Reality experiences

Sense Glove allows you to feel and interact with object with your hand in virtual/augmented reality


Chrono Eyewear: Proven by 150 Olympic athletes; we boost your performance by powering your energy source using light!

CRDL (cradle), an interactive device used in care homes to enable contact and communication

Jamzone creates engaging and award-winning emotional, behavioural and mental health digital programs


No more empty runs


Glimpse facial recognition technology for unconditional facial recognition: All it needs is a small part of the face

Scalys offers Unique Solutions to Enable Secure Communication for the Connected World


Samplified International unlocks the ability to hear in noise - for people, products and voice assistants


TicTag's innovative Smart Tag connects your business to any smartphone with an easy/ intuitive touch


BloomyPro integrates and visualizes all process related to create and sell 3D flower bouquets up to manage your eCommerce or 3D shop displays online

The simplicity of webshop with power of limitless product personalization in 3D revolutionizes sales and production efficiency by design automation


BrainCreators unlocks business value by applying decades of experience in Artificial Intelligence

Frosha's learning algorithms

will process all the data you've collected over the years on employees, customers, citizens, and render it


Mind your own eBusiness

Eagle Eye Networks was created to make video security easier for all of us

Informer believes that real entrepreneurs do their accounting themselves for better business

TeamTelephone is a cloudtelephone that makes a personal telephone a team-telephone, when health care workers need it to be